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We wanted to share our new goals and provide an update on what is happening at Audrey’s. As many of you may have noticed, Audrey’s Home of Hope is going through some changes. Our leadership, recognized that our historical model was not financially sustainable or built to maximize impact. We realized that we needed to take a short pause in our service offerings in order to get healthy organizationally and maximize our future potential. With that in mind, we have taken steps to rethink and re-set our mission and strategy.         

A. We have worked hard to redefine and create clarity in our mission statement. Our new mission statement is "         To be a safe community that equips expectant mothers to successfully lead their families through life's                    challenges".  This mission is intentionally focused on equipping and empowering young mothers with tools       and resources to help them be successful.

B. We will accomplish this by developing a robust program which will maximize the impact on residents. To      that end we intend to invest heavily into curriculum to create an on-boarding process and mentorship      program that will allow our clients to gain valuable skill sets and be prepared for launch. This program will      give clients tools to deal with the variables they will face as single mothers and will prepare them for life’s      challenges.

C. Lastly, we decided to transition out of the house with the idea of looking for a more permanent facility in       the near future. We needed to simplify and take a small step back in order to get healthy and better                        position the organization to meet our ultimate goal of reducing single female headed households in crisis in       Northwest Arkansas.

D. During this short pause in service offerings we will continue to operate the boutique as it is essential to our        overall financial success as an organization.  The staff and volunteers at Audrey’s love to serve and stand         ready to assist you with donations or purchases at the store itself. The generosity and support we receive         from the Bella Vista community is overwhelming and much appreciated. 

Leadership’s focus is on developing financial sustainability and stewardship is designed to enable Audrey’s to maximize impact for client’s in this community for a long time to come. Our board would again like to express our gratitude to the Bella Vista community for their overwhelming support of the boutique.  The community has embraced our mission and has contributed countless volunteer hours as well as merchandise and cash donations. Furthermore, we want to thank local organizations and churches like The Knights of Columbus at St. Stephen’s and Bella Vista Community Church for their ongoing support.

Thank you,

Audrey’s Home of Hope Board



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